Be careful! This fruit Pregnant Women Should Not Consumed


Be careful! This fruit Pregnant Women Should Not Consumed | Pregnancy – Fruits are very good for the health of our bodies. But you should know, there are some fruits that is dangerous for pregnant women consumed.

fruit Pregnant Women Should Not ConsumedBesides can cause miscarriage, one pick fruit for consumption can cause mental disability or physical disability in the fetus obat penyakit lupus. Therefore, following reviews of some of the pieces that should not be consumed by pregnant women:

Fruit that has fragrant and beautiful colors of this, it is very dangerous to pregnant women. Because jackfruit contains alcohol is very high. So, for pregnant women should not be excessive in eating this fruit. However, pregnant women should not be allowed to eat jackfruit. Because if pregnant women eat jackfruit, can cause miscarriage.

Just like jackfruit, durian fruit including fruit which has an alcohol content is high enough. So dangerous for pregnant women, because it can cause miscarriage. So, for pregnant women should not eat this fruit.

According to the medical, pineapple is not allowed to be consumed by pregnant women. Because, besides having a high alcohol content, the fruit also have itching. Thus, if pregnant women eat this fruit, the stomach will feel itchy. Not only that, pineapple contains other brome can cause miscarriage because other brome can soften the cervix of the mother.

Papaya fruit Young
Papaya fruit is very good to eat, because it is useful for digestion. But do you know? If the unripe papaya fruit can be bad for the fetus. Because of sap in a papaya fruit can cause itching on the mother or the fetus. In addition, the papaya latex can also create sticky in the placenta. Papaya sap can also cause contractions in pregnant women, so the baby is born premature.

Not unexpectedly, the fruit is sweet and charming colors proved to be extremely harmful when consumed by pregnant women. Because the grapes have sugar content is quite a lot, so it can lead to obesity in pregnant women. In addition, the sugar content in grapes can easily be fermented, so it should not be consumed pregnant women because it contains alcohol.

fruit Kepel
Kepel fruit has a shape similar to the kiwi and sapodilla. This fruit has a sweet taste, and smell fragrant. But the fruit is not allowed to be consumed by pregnant women. Because if pregnant women consume buahini, will result in excessive kebutihan. So as not to aggravate the situation of the mother, pregnant women should not be allowed to eat fruit Kepel.

It’s a list of pieces that should not be consumed by pregnant women. Fruit does have nutrients and protein that are good for the body. But not a few fruits that can actually result in vatal if pregnant women who eat them. So, beware!

Polio Disease Causes And How To Prevent It


Polio Disease Causes And How To Prevent It – Disease Polio is a disease with characteristic feature of foot deformity and hip even up to the interim until a permanent paralysis. The disease is caused by a neurological disorder in because the polio virus cara hidup sehat that attacks the nerves. It consists of three kinds of non-polio paralysis that no potential paralysis, polio paralysis polio causes paralysis, as well as post-polio syndrome that hit patients who are exposed to polio 20-30 years earlier.

Polio Disease Causes And How To Prevent It

Many reasons could be a factor polio. One is by virus-contaminated food or beverages inside. Besides polio virus can be transmitted through the air when sneezing. People who have an immune system that is not strong, very vulnerable in disease polio. In addition to vaccination may minimize the risk of polio. So what causes polio? And the following are some of the causes and how to prevent polio disease that can be useful for you.

Polio Disease Causes And How To Prevent It

1. Virus
Polio disease caused by viruses that enter through food or water contaminated with the virus that causes polio can infect tenggrokan polio.Virus and intestines. Prevention of polio virus is by vaccination. Vaccination is very important for you, as with vaccination, the risk of polio disease can be minimized. Polio can only infect humans. So the only polio disease transmission from human to human.

2. Weak immune system
A weak immune system could potentially once for contracted polio. Because if your immune system is weak, then the various viruses can get into your body loosely polio virus. To boost the immune system are strongly advised to consume eat, which can strengthen the immune system, such as bananas, milk, and a variety of nuts.

3. Environmental Factors unhealthy
Environmental factors are also the cause of polio. With a clean environment, of course, the polio virus can not multiply. Therefore one effective prevention to tackle polio disease is by maintaining a healthy environment.

4. Factors body hygiene is not maintained
Body hygiene is very important. Due to the net body is the beginning of a healthy body. Therefore keep the body as diligently wash their hands before eating, or bathing regularly, but it is also to directly close the mouth and nose when you sneeze exposed to other people and then quickly clean it. The risk of contracting the polio virus can be minimized.

5. Lack of adequate nutrition
Lack of nutrition weakens the body’s immune system, and therefore very important to maintain food intake with foods that are rich in nutrients, so the body’s immune system can be strong. So you are not vulnerable to contracting the polio virus. Due to a strong immune system, the virus will not easily infect yourself.

That some of the causes and ways to prevent polio. Indeed, until now there is no cure for paralysis due to polio gejala penyakit diabetes. Thus as early as possible will prevent the risk of polio is strongly recommended. May be useful.

Tips to increase endurance, to be immune to the virus and flu


Tips to increase endurance, to be immune to the virus and fluThe reduced level of endurance is usually characterized by easy flu, fever, sore throat, cough, and infection. Transition season usually makes people susceptible to decreased immunity, so it easily the virus invades the body and causes symptoms. Aside from eating foods that can boost the immune system, we also need to do some things in order not susceptible to a variety of viruses and bacteria.

Tips Here are tips to increase endurance, and protected from diseases caused by viruses and bacteria

Exercise and maintain weight

Exercising has many benefits. In addition to toxins can be immediately removed from the body by stimulating blood circulation, will also improve immunity. Losing weight is also very important, because of drugs or vaccinations can not work with the maximum in people who are obese.

Keep your hands

Objects such as mobile phones, doorknobs, house keys, car steering wheel, according to the research is a place inhabited by viruses and bacteria. In fact, these objects are very familiar with our hands everyday. Thus, the hands can also carry germs from everywhere including such places. Always diligent hand washing with antiseptic soap is a basic requirement if you want away from bacteria and viruses. Wash your hands by rubbing them together, on the sidelines of a finger, and then dry them well. This is because the germs are more likely to stick to your fingers are wet. Do not use a wet towel to wipe his hands.

Enough time to sleep

The average healthy person really need seven to eight hours of sleep each night. Adequate and quality sleep will keep you healthy, and if less than seven hours can make you vulnerable to virus attacks.

We have all been aware of the positive effects of this meditasi.Hal will not only strengthen your mental, but will also prevent stress can lower your immunity. Sit back and relax, clear the mind, and take a breath regularly and slowly from the nose, and remove from the mouth. Do this meditation a few minutes each day. You also can take a yoga class. Read also: The benefits of yoga for health

Eating healthy

Consuming fresh fruits is very important, because most fruits and vegetables are rich in antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals that will keep your immune. It is also recommended to drink probiotic containing good bacteria like lactobacillus, which will keep you away from trouble stomach infection.


Eating raw garlic is said to help fight the virus. Ana could chop up 1 clove of raw garlic, then mixed with your food.
Adequate water intake

Never disregard for the health benefits of water. Adequate water intake is always required by the body to prevent dehydration, so the flu and infections heal faster or not approached.
Stay away from sweet foods containing high sugar

Sugar in any form, including sweets, drinks, or food can lower the body’s immunity and resistance against colds or flu. The immune system fight the infection will stop for a few hours after you consume food or drink that is sweet.
drink supplement

Vitamin C tablets can be useful to help fight colds. Consuming enough vitamin C is recommended, in any form, including supplements. Supplements of vitamin C may be indispensable for those who every day are environments with high levels of pollution.
Stay away from stress

Stress can lower your immune system. Once or twice a month go to relax your body, can with spa therapies that can make you be relaxed completely. A relaxed mind and body can help you to cope with the antibodies and infection with a much better way.

Clean surfaces such as door handles, knobs, phones, chairs, etc. at home on a regular basis, because these places are often germ infestation. Take one liter of clean water, add a cup of vinegar, one teaspoon of dishwashing liquid, and 10 or 15 drops of essential oil as spray material or natural anti-bacterial cleanser.

Fish Pellet Made Earthworm


Earthworms are animals that could potentially be a foodstuff. high protein sources. Cultivation of earthworms is relatively easy, efficient and cheap, where to cultivate this worm takes only a medium of the compost (in everyday life used to decompose organic waste).

And the remainder of this medium can then be used to fertilize plants, because the decomposition of organic waste by earthworms produce a lot of nutrients that are needed for plant growth. In connection with the potential of earthworms as a food source of high protein, its utility is as varied as:
To a mixture of cosmetics.
As a health food supplements.
Pharmaceuticals, especially pertaining to antibiotics.
As animal feed.
Lumbricus rubelius nutritional composition is as follows:


Coarse Protein: 60-72%
Fat: 7-10%
Abu: 8-10%
Energy: 900 – 4100 calories / gram.
Having regard to the nutritional composition, then the world’s fisheries, earthworms have the potential to be used as a fish food rations
As it is known that for the growth of fish, is determined by the protein content in the food. Given the worm protein content is quite high (higher than the fish and meat) as well as the essential amino acid composition is complete and therefore, can be expected when the earthworm can be eaten by the fish will be able to spur growth and produce fish healthy and resistant to disease
The equipment used is:
Flour Mill Equipment
Tool Meat Grinder
Flour Worms: 41%
Chicken eggs: 20%
Flour: 14%
Bran: 18%
Kanji: 1%
Step Creation
To make flour worms, the steps are as follows:
Fresh worms are separated from the medium.
This fresh worms in the wash / rinse with clean water, and then weighed.
Fresh worms dried by the heat of the sun on top of zinc in 24 hours (air temperature 32-35 degrees Celsius).
The worm, which has been dried and then made into flour using a grinding flour.
Flour worm weighed and ready for use.
To make pellets, prepared ingredients are egg yolks that have been boiled, starch, flour, bran, flour worms, each weighted according to the analysis of materials.

The steps to create fish pellets as follows:
All the ingredients are mixed and stirred into one.
Add warm water until the dough becomes quite chewy. Please note the use of water as little as possible to use.
Once the dough is formed is then printed with a meat grinder machine that produces pellets like noodles wet length.
The wet pellets per 0.5 cm cut to form granules.
After the pellet dried in the hot sun all day.
Then the pellets are weighed and ready for use
To obtain pellets with a protein content of 35%, then the composition of the rations are:
Flour Worms 47%
Chicken Eggs 20%
Wheat 14%
Bran 18%
Kanji 1%..Go to this amazing site on : All Information About Sea

Stone Pancawarna: Gems Most Popular



PANCAWARNA stone is one of the most popular precious stones and most widely hunted by the lovers of agate. Prices for agate PANCAWARNA batik is still shaped rought (sticks, stones, mentahan) or who became a rock ali, has a relatively expensive price. There are many types of stone PANCAWARNA, usually distinguishing this type of agate is found in the area where the stone was found, and patterns that exist in the stone. For example, the most famous PANCAWARNA agate is agate PANCAWARNA Garut. Garut is often produce quality precious stones and has a selling price is very high, such as a green stone Garut, Garut PANCAWARNA, and some types of agate from other Garut area.



As the name implies PANCAWARNA agate has many colors, or more details have five primary colors, each region has a different color and pattern, but certainly agate PANCAWARNA means has five main color, but different shades. However, there are negative impacts of this famous PANCAWARNA agate. The problems are environmental problems, many watersheds or river basins suffered environmental damage due to mining process rock irresponsible. Does not stop there, there are several archaeological sites and cultural sites protected by the state was not spared from looting. Miners stone should be more selective in mine precious stones in order not to damage the environment.

Agate PANCAWARNA addition, there are several types of agate or other precious stones are quite popular and has a relatively expensive price. Agate who have expensive prices include agate Bacan, Bacan Doko, Bacan Halmahera, Kalimantan Amethyst, Emerald, and Pancawarna. In the eyes of lovers rock the stones has its own beauty both in terms of s type, color, shape of the stone, materials or materials from the stone itself, and various other aspects. PANCAWARNA stone is also one glorious cough most requested and most popular among lovers of rock. You need to go to :Wedding Rings

Actors Mutilation suspect and victim Nikah Siri 7 Past Month



Nur Atikah (34) were brutally murdered by the man she loved that Kusmadi alias Agus (33). The bloody incident took place in a rented victims in the village of Telaga Sari RT 12 / RW 01 Cikupa, Tangerang, Banten on Sunday (04/10/2016).

Not only slay Nur, Agus was cruelly mutilated victims.

Agus managed to escape police custody of a place in Surabaya, East Java, on Wednesday (04/20/2016).

Now the family has been allowed to take the bodies of Nur in Tangerang District Hospital. Direct victims buried in his hometown Malimping, Banten on Friday night.



Sister-in-law Rasim Nur tells the relationship between the victim to the suspect. Nur often play and stay at home Rangkas Rasim in Bitung, Banten.

Nur widow with two children who scavenge rizki in Tangerang Regency. Both children live in Malimping with his family.

Women 34 years it worked in Padang Restaurant as a waitress. Similarly, the Agus worked in the same place with the victim.

According to Rasim, Agus Nur person who oversees work at the Padang Restaurant. As with superiors and subordinates.

Nur work already 2 years. Both also fell in the liver. Their relationship is getting attached. Even dared to introduce Agus Nur started to relatives.

“He (Agus) play to my house, dikenalin same people at home,” said Rasim when met at Hospital Warta Kota Tangerang on Friday.

Rasim explained and Agus Nur come to his home about a year ago. Nur is often played to Rasim home when he was about to return to Malimping.

“Usually if you want to go home, Nur nginap used here. So we feel lost,” said Rasim quietly.

Rasim working in the company field crops Agus quiet familiar figure.

He and his family at that time did not put suspicion against the suspect.

“He (Agus) his calm, baseball is a lot of talking. Nganter Nur bring the car to Malimping,” he said.

Agus Nur admitted to the single men and families. They also believe that the recognition Agus.

Relations between the two closer. Agus Nur also gain by way nikah’urfi.

“They nikah’urfi passed off by her brother Nur. It has been about 7 months of her marriage,” said Rasim.

Nur then with child from her relationship Agus. Over time, the secret came to light by Agus Nur.

Nur began to try prying secrets covered Agus far. It turned out that men who marry it already has a wife and children.

From there they turbulent relationship.

“Come here-sininya Agus Nur know if this man had children and wife. The news was originally from the rumors of a job and friends around,” said Rasmin.

Relationships and Agus Nur increasingly murky. Both are angry and throw expletives.

In the end Agus anger peaked. With the bear he killed Nur and cut up his body in the middle of the state to bear the fruit of his own heart.

Maneuver Mitsubishi Fuso in Sidoarjo Presents Barry



KTB targeting potential very large area, so that the network spread not only in big cities but to district level.

mobilwow – Maneuvering Mitsubishi Fuso in Sidoarjo Presents Barry

PT Krama Yudha Tiga Berlian Motors (KTB), authorized distributor of Mitsubishi vehicles in Indonesia, targeting opportunities through economic growth in the region by expanding its network to various areas, one of them through the inauguration of PT Mayangsari Berlian Motors (14/3) as the authorized dealers of commercial vehicles Mitsubishi Fuso in Sidoarjo and surrounding area.


mobilwow - Manuver Mitsubishi Fuso di Sidoarjo Hadirkan Mayangsari


The inauguration of this dealer is a manifestation of our work program as the customer’s business consultant and we are committed to be present as a partner in providing business solutions for consumers, and zero down time where we are present to provide after-sales services to minimize down time consumer vehicles.

KTB targeting potential very large area, so that the network spread not only in big cities but to district level.

mobilwow – Maneuvering Mitsubishi Fuso in Sidoarjo Presents Barry

“We support regional economic growth through the provision of commercial vehicles. This effort is intended to allow the public more easily gain access, so that the growth of more developed regions “said Duljatmono.

Mayangsari PT Berlian Motors is a Mitsubishi dealer to-245, located on Jl. Raya Taman No.48C, Sidoarjo regency, is one of the main buffer district of Surabaya in East Java that drove rapid growth of the region. Surabaya is directly adjacent to a positive impact on economic development and Sidoarjo. The city has a strategic position because it is always crossed by currents transport to other areas in East Java. Here, the role of commercial vehicles are needed, so that KTB saw it as an opportunity to develop.

mobilwow – Maneuvering Mitsubishi Fuso in Sidoarjo Presents Barry

The Fuso authorized dealers will provide Mitsubishi Fuso commercial vehicles in the class light commercial vehicle (L300), light duty trucks (Colt Diesel), and medium duty trucks (Fuso). Products is what will sustain business activity as well as SMEs play a major role in regional economic development.

Additional information the commercial vehicle market in East Java is one of the largest market for Mitsubishi Fuso. Currently the market share of Mitsubishi Fuso in East Java reached 46.4%. You need to go to : Car 2016 Update

The owners Avanza in Kota Tangerang Can Join in TACI Tangerang



TACI could be one of the pioneers of road safety in line with the motto of TACI ie Driving With Manners.

mobilwow – Owner Avanza in Kota Tangerang Can Join in TACI Tangerang

To tighten salaturahmi and expanding horizons, the Toyota Avanza users who are members of the community of Toyota Avanza Club Indonesia (TACI) in the city of Tangerang hold declarations into Chapter Tangerang.

The event took place on (13/13) at 10:00 pm was held in Motoritz, The Breeze, Bumi Serpong Damai City, South Tangerang. In the declaration also present hundreds of members of the Regional TACI Jakarta, Chapter Bekasi, Bogor, Depok, Karawang, Chapter Separaci Banten, Bandung, Cirebon Chapter Kingdom, Kebumen, Chapter Lampung, Bangka, Jogya and a new week.mobilwow - Pemilik Avanza di Kota Tangerang Bisa Join di TACI Tangerang



mobilwow – Owner Avanza in Kota Tangerang Can Join in TACI Tangerang

Not only that, the representatives of several communities in Tangerang in particular and of other regions in general was also a witness to the declaration, let’s call it GranMax Luxio Club Indonesia (MAXXIO), Daihatsu Xenia Club Indonesia (DXIC), Toyota Agya Club (TAC), Club Ayla Indonesia (CAI), Trajet Family Club (TFC), Honda Freed Owner’s Indonesia (HOFOS), Toyota Etios Valco Club Indonesia (TEVCI), DAOR Community, Grey Car Indonesia (GCI), Indonesia Black Car Community (IBCC), Red car Community Indonesia (RCCI), Avanza Owners Indonesia (AVOID), Exora Owners Club Indonesia (EOCI), Aerio Indonesia Club (AIC), and Harry Gupret chairman of the Communication Forum Clubs & Community Automotive (FK30 Bantam).

In the event of the declaration also launched a membership card (KTA) TACI new collaboration with Business Card Bank Bukopin. “TACI Tangerang chapter is expected to become a unifying users Avanza in Tangerang region covering South Tangerang, Tangerang City and Tangerang regency into one that TACI CHAPTER TANGERANG. And can be one of the pioneers of road safety in accordance with the motto TACI ie Driving With Manners, “explained Rufiansyah or what he called Ian, chairman of TACI Tangerang chapter. We have more article from source: Car Interior

Three Things You Should Want to Be Prepared Women if Pilot



The pilot who was originally monopolized by men. Currently, emerging graduate women aviators. According to data from PT Angkasa Pura obtained from one of the captains AirAsia, Monika Anggreini, in September 2015 there were 55 licensed Commercial Pilot License. While there are already tiered captain eight people, including himself.

Monika reveal more years more and more women are interested to pursue the world of aviation, including the pilot.

“Now more and more scattered pilot schools in Indonesia, not like I used are still having trouble finding and is still considered odd,” said Monika to KompasTravel after AirAsia Flight Kartini, Thursday (21/04/2016).



The captain who has 12-year career to become a pilot of the share tips that women should be prepared if you want to become a professional pilot.

1. Ability Strong

The first thing that is essential is that women should have a strong will. Even more powerful than men. “Because it is still dominated by men, and women actually can,” said Monika.

2. Mental Baja

The next requirement, women must have nerves of steel. Once again Monika said that in the realm of work dominated by men, such pressure will be stronger. Because, basically, women have thought, physically, to a different angle with men.

While procedures, standards and obligations pilot do not differentiate between men and perempua. “So make a mental of steel in the beginning, that sure and can do better than men,” he said.

According to Monika, mental steel that women will make it a struggle that is not easily give up, is not afraid to compete with the opposite sex, because it became a captain or a pilot requires a lengthy effort.

3. Remove ‘Mindset’ Women are not able to

Monika exemplifies the emancipation of women that coincide on Kartini Day, Thursday (04/21/2016). “We have the same ability, after menggelutinya fact many are capable of,” said Monika.

Being a pilot, added Monika, has its own pride and sesasi while flying large aircraft. Throughout his career, the most memorable flight is the best pick new AirAsia in Toulouse, France.




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